The Donut challenge

Today I did a live video explaining why I wanted to do this “Donut Challenge”, but for those of you who missed it, I thought I’d make a post about it as well.

Basically, donuts are delicious and wanting to lose a few kilos is not a good enough reason to cut them out completely (unless of course you don’t like donuts, in which case you can stop reading now).

I’m so sick of hearing people say “I’m not eating carbs at the moment because I’m trying to lose weight” or “I can’t lose any weight because I could never stick to a diet”.

Well, here are the good news folks: You CAN still have donuts AND be in a calorie deficit.

As I’ve said before, carbs don’t make your fat, fat doesn’t make you fat, donuts don’t make you fat. Eating more than you burn make you fat.

So, by still being in a calorie deficit, I will eat one donut a day every day this week just to prove to you that for weight loss, you can eat whatever you want, as long as you’re in a calorie deficit.

I will still track my macros and make sure I’m within 5 grams +/- of my macro targets to make sure I still eat enough protein to keep/gain my muscles, enough fat for a healthy hormone function and enough carbs to help me fuel my body and recover after my workouts.

Even though I believe that you should fuel your body with as many nutritious foods as possible to optimise performance, recovery, mood, skin, sleep etc, replacing some of my carbs and fats with a donut will not be the end of the world. I will still lose weight, as long as I’m still within my calorie “budget”.

I don’t like to look at my “diet” as a “diet”. It’s a lifestyle, it’s something that’s sustainable and that allows me to eat whatever i want, when I want as long as I hit my calories/macros. This means no cravings, no binges and no feeling like you’re missing out on life.

I’ll make sure to update you next week on how everything has gone, but for now, bring me a donut!!

Elin Granstrand