Donut challenge update

One week, 7 donuts.

Now the big question is, did I lose any weight or was I lying when I said a calorie deficit is all that matters….? ;)

Here are my results:

Waist: -0.5cm

Hip: -0.5cm

Bum: -2cm

Thigh: 0.5cm

Weight: -0.5kg

Chest and bicep measurements stayed the same.

I’ve been back really focusing on tracking my macros for 4 weeks now and I’ve lost about the same amount of weight/centimetres each week, this week was no different, even though I swapped some of my sweet potato and fats for a donut every day.

I wanted to do this because so many people get so stuck in the mindset that they HAVE to eat “clean” to lose weight. By incorporating our favourite foods in to our “diet” we can find something that’s sustainable and doesn’t feel like a diet.

I never feel like I’m missing out on food, because I know I can have everything, I just have to make it fit. You should never look at any food like “cheating”! There is no “good” and “bad” food, there is simply food that is higher in calories and food that is lower in calories.

Think of your calories/macros as a budget. You can either be smart and spend it on food that will keep you full for longer and fuel your body with good nutrients, or you can eat something like a donut or a pizza and get that satisfaction, but might have to eat a little bit less for the rest of the day.

Same thing goes if you go out and buy clothes. If you treat yourself to a really nice dress and shoes you might have to spend a little bit less money on take away coffee or dinners that week.

It’s not about feeling guilty, after all, it’s just numbers. Numbers that will help you on your journey of losing/gaining weight.

Yes you CAN still lose weight without counting calories. You can eat “clean” food and drop a few kilos. But what are you going to do if you stop losing weight? Eat cleaner? Or if you’ve lost weight because you’ve cut out your carbs? What are you going to cut out when you stop losing weight and you don’t have any carbs left to cut out?

By calculating your calories and macros you’ll know how much you’re eating and can easily make changes to your diet if you don’t get the results you want.

Counting your calories helps change your body composition, macro nutrients dictate how you feel.

Obviously I had to check in in my donut shorts haha…

Obviously I had to check in in my donut shorts haha…

Elin Granstrand